Hidden on the hillside and around from the family house,
the vineyard takes on an air of a garden perched on the limestone rockface
with a collection of old vine stocks.


The property today possesses 6.75 hectares (16.5 acres).Predominantly limestone, the soils present a capacity of exceptional maturity. With a South/South West exposition and a 30-meter vertical drop, they develop three principle types of terroirs: At the summit limestone with asteries and its clay, then a layer of “Fronsadais Molasses” covered by highly calcareous silt and a foothill formed by ancient colluvial deposits.

If above all the wine is made in the vineyard, certainly one of the secrets of the wines of Beauséjour resides in its soils, offering one of the most beautiful viticultural sites of Saint-Emilion.


On these types of soils, it is the Merlot that remains the dominant grape variety. Well adapted to clayey environments, it brings a density and sensuality to the wine. The Cabernet Franc, with the new team, will rediscover a more important and determining role: The Cabernet Franc is, hence grafted onto the unique parcel of Cabernet Sauvignon and a massal selection is planted on the limestone table of Beauséjour which represents the warmest part of the vineyard, bringing minerality that will impart both tension and vigour to the blend. From the pruning of the vine right up to the harvest, all established to obtain the most beautiful grapes. Not unlike a goldsmith crafting his jewelry, the traditional work of the vine is adapted to the profile of each individual plant and vintage. The picking will therefore be undertaken at optimal ripeness by human hands that are equally as precise as they are delicate.

In the vine as in the cellar, all of the gestures will be effectuated with infinite precision.

Vinifications and ageing are decided upon with regards to a precise parcel selection and the potential of each cuvée.

Below the vineyard, it is the unique ambiance of the underground quarry’s inside of which the wines will rest during several months and whose ultimately important role will be played out. Here time advances differently, in an appeasingly cool and constant ambiance.  


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