To reach the château,
one must climb up to the small Saint-Martin church:
adjoined to its walls we discover a
“Girondine” Mansion with blond coloured stone, built on a promontory.


A breathtaking view from its terrace: The isthmus of the Dordogne, the vines and dovecotes in the viscinity….at dusk, we distinguish even the Bordeaux city lights   Below, a small shaded garden that overlooks the route that leads to Libourne. We may still imagine the antique laundry, yet only the memory of the elders can remind the children that this lovely lawn was once some lieu of respite for the horses that tilled the vines.  

This ancient structure,
where each room, each object reminisces the memory
of generations that have succeeded making
Beauséjour a reference in Saint-Emilion, with the golden thread
between the different members of the family.


Since the common resolve of the Duffau-Lagarosse family, very attached to the vines and to their roots, is to conserve, to live up to and to transmit the aptly named Chateau Beauséjour (lovely stay) to its children.  


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